Save the best parts of meetings, podcasts, YouTube and more.

How it Works

TapTap listens with you via browser extension. When you tap "Highlight", TapTap will start saving 10 seconds before you tap. Keep highlighting the best parts. TapTap will save the highlights in your private account automatically.

TapTap makes you productive by

Recording bites

Save only the best parts. No need to record the whole thing.

Data Privacy

Everything happens in your browser. Your data is saved in a secured encrypted account.


Share the link of your highlights with your colleagues and friends

Never Lose Focus

No need to write or record the whole thing.

Clutter Free

Automatically save everything in folders. You just need to highlight


Chat directly with the founding team for anything.

Works With

Why TapTap

It is a pain to keep writing the important stuff or rewatch the whole recording. With TapTap, you are more engaged in conversations or learning stuff online.

Pricing Plan



Unlimited highlights per session

Unlimited cloud Storage

Direct Support from Founding team




Everything in BASIC

Transcribe the highlights

Use TapTap collaboratively

more features coming soon

Give Us Feedback

Help us build the future of note-taking. Sign up to be an early user and share your note-taking problems with us.

About TapTap

TapTap saves only the most important parts of conversations without recording the whole thing. We are funded by Pioneer. Pioneer is a remote accelerator founded by Daniel Gross. He is an early investor in Notion, Coinbase, Gusto, and others.

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